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Frauenthal Theater

Technical Information


Alley is located between 3rd and 4th streets
Trucks may load at right angles to doors
No parking in alley
Door width 5’7″ W x 8′ H – 2′ ramp down to stage level
No forklift
8’ x 8’ loading door with a ramp down from the alley and a single truck dock


Proscenium opening: 41’6″w, 30’h
Stage depth – plaster line to upstage wall: 29’6” (Usable 29’)
Orchestra pit edge to back wall: 41’3”
Stage apron edge to plaster line: 3’10”

Stage apron to front edge of orchestra pit: 7’10”
Plaster line to front edge of orchestra pit: 11’8”
Wing space – stage right: 8’w x 29’d
Stage left: 12’w x 29’d
Wing-to-wing crossover located behind upstage wall
Grid height: 60ft – pipe high trim 55’, low trim 4’ off deck


Main Stage: Resilient Yellow Pine

21 trap doors located center stage
Stage floor is currently covered with 4′ x 8′ sheets of black masonite


Barton c. 1929 Pipe Organ in excellent condition
Red grand lambrequin curtain, fixed in proscenium arch
Red grand curtain (travel, fly, permanent) 32’h x 54’w
Black traveler (travel, fly, permanent) 28’h x 54’w
Black legs: 5 sets, 28’h x 15’w each leg
Black borders: 5 – 8’h x 50’w
Black drops: 6 –  28’h x 54’w, w/ split overlap at centers
Black seamless trevira sharkstooth scrim with pocket – 28’h x 40’w
White seamless trevira polyester cyclorama drop with pocket – 25’h x 60’w


1 – Three-phase 120/208, 400 amps per leg
1 – Three-phase 120/208, 200 amps per leg
1 – single-phase, 200 amps per leg


Booth located house right rows Q-S
Lighting console: ETC Ion 1536
Dimmers: 2.4kw ETC sensor rack
Connections: three pin stage plugs
Followspot: 2  – Lycian Super Arc 1267 long throw

STAGE LIGHTING INVENTORY (based on availability)
12 – ETC Source Four 410-b Ellipsoidal 575w
66 – ETC Source Four 419-B Ellipsoidal 575w
64 – ETC Source Four 426-B Ellipsoidal 575w
48 – ETC Source Four 436-B Ellipsoidal 575w
36 – ETC Source Four PAR-B 575w w/ variable lenses
24 – Altman PAR64 1kw WFL
8 – 6’4″ Zipstrips, 3 circuit
6 – 3 Cell Cyc Lights 1kw


Booth located house right rows O-Q
Sound Console: Yamaha M7CL-48
Center Point Cluster – Mixture of EAW and Community horns and speakers
Main L/R Speakers  – EAW Speaker Cabinets, bi-amped
Under balcony delay system
T-Coil Hearing Loop System

AUDIO INVENTORY (based on availability)
6 – Shure SM-58 Dynamic Microphones
5 – Shure SM-57 Dynamic Microphone
2 – Samson Small Diaphragm Condensor Microphone
2 – Shure MX202BS Microflex SuperCardioid Choir Microphones
2 – Crown PCC-160 Floor Microphone
2 – Countryman 24″ Gooseneck Microphone
2– Passive Direct Box
1 – Passive Stereo Direct Box
2 – Active Stereo Direct Box
4 – JBL 12″ Monitor Speakers


Hitachi CP-WX8265 projector, HDMI connection – located at balcony rail, controlled from the booth
Movie Screen: 22’h x 42’w, permanent hung on Lineset #5


4 – Capacity of 8 each – located stage right on 4 levels with lavatory, toilet & shower
1 – Capacity of 2 with lavatory, toilet & shower (fully handicapped accessible)
1 – Capacity of 2; with lavatory, toilet & shower – located upstage left crossover


Clear-Com System: 16 sets based on availability
Stations located stage left and right, balcony and follow spot booth