Paige Alkire

Marketing Administrator

Scott Bartoszek

Facility Operations

Dennis Boles

Box Office Lead

Tyler Dorman

Facility Operations Manager

Blake Filius

Facility Operations & Technical Assistant

Heather Hansen

Associate Director

Eric Messing

Executive Director

Jante Miller

Facility Operations

Sarah Sternburgh

Front of House Lead

Front of House Staff

Jennifer Reeths
Ashley Cooper
Robin Beebee
Emma Horne
Olivia Dykstra

Bailey Elders
Jenny Ferels
Jocelyn Hines
Angie Holmstrom
Alyssa Johnson

Kimberlynn Carlson
Jay Roggero
Brian Schuitema
Ben Spadafore
John Hall

Box Office Staff

Bloom Prater
Diane Reeths

Maris Myers

Building Operations & Stage Technicians

Jennifer Leek
Sam Booker
Ashton Bahr
CJ Bennett

Andrew Patten
Jay Roggero
Joe Schmidt
Stan Shank

Carter Brown
Kimberlynn Carlson
Dave Lachapelle
Jennifer Lachapelle

Friends of the Frauenthal

Essential to the very existence and continued success of the Frauenthal Center are our beloved volunteers, the “Friends of the Frauenthal.” Every year, our volunteers contribute thousands of hours, assisting with ushering, ticket scanning, holiday decorating, and more.


Interested in being part of the team?

Explore job opportunities or sign up to be a volunteer.