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Art Exhibits

Art Exhibits

The Reception Gallery showcases a variety of art from local and regional artists. Admission is FREE and exhibits change on a regular basis—see below for information on our latest exhibit. Selected pieces available for purchase.

Exhibit at the Reception Gallery in the Frauenthal Center.

The Reception Gallery is located on the 2nd floor of the Hilt Building within the Frauenthal Center.

Gallery Hours: Monday through Friday 9 am – 5:30 pm with extended hours on show nights.

For more information contact Eric Messing 231.332.4135 



“Out of the Woods” by Artist Jean Allemeier Boot

Jean Allemeier Boot has been working in the mediums of printmaking and painting since earning a studio art degree in 2008. Although Jean has considered herself an artist her entire life, she originally earned a degree in a medical field. She returned to school many years later to earn her BFA degree in Studio Art, from Aquinas College, in Grand Rapids, Michigan. She now melds her interests of biology and art, through her personal depictions of the natural world. Jean is a juried member of the Society of American Graphic Artists in New York City, as well as the Boston Printmakers. Jean’s work has been accepted into regional, state, national, and international exhibitions. Her work is represented locally by LaFontsee Galleries, in Grand Rapids. She lives and works in Alto, Michigan.

Website: JeanABoot.com


“I work perceptually in the landscape to convey its arresting forms, lines, contrasting values, and subtle color shifts. My compositions often begin with an interesting tree or a unique landscape arrangement. I believe everyone sees things differently—through one’s own lens–so my work is a personal interpretation of my surroundings. My prints and paintings reflect the connection that I have with the natural world.

Whether it is with paper and pencil, oil paint and canvas, or a copper plate and etching needle, I begin my work en plein air and then finalize my compositions in the studio, where I work from sketches and memory. In both my painting and printmaking processes, I am intrigued by the discoveries along the way, which lead me in unexpected directions. The creation of a work of art for me always involves a balance of information—what to leave in or out, or how to simplify, as I try to capture the essence of my experience.”4