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Art Exhibits

Art Exhibits

The Reception Gallery showcases a variety of art from local and regional artists. Admission is FREE and exhibits change on a regular basis—see below for information on our latest exhibit. Selected pieces available for purchase.


 Exhibit at the Reception Gallery in the Frauenthal Center.

The Reception Gallery is located on the 2nd floor of the Hilt Building within the Frauenthal Center.

Gallery Hours: Monday through Friday 9 am – 5:30 pm with extended hours on show nights.

For more information contact Eric Messing 231.332.4135 



“Reaching and Peonies and Roses” Artists Liz and Mike Margulus and Holly Sturges

“We’ve been taking photographs for some 25 years. As time has gone on, we’ve come to want to do more: to go deeper and record in the picture a hidden emotion, an irony, an insight, a lesson that has reached us. In this exhibit we have assembled a collection of images and stories that affected us, either while we held the camera or later reviewed the pictures at home.”
-Liz and Mike Margulus

“Painting flowers is simply Painting beauty. The flowers in these paintings have been grown by people I know and displayed to their satisfaction at their place of business whether it be at a doctors office, a restaurant, or the farmers market. The blooms were picked in early morning when the they are at their fullest and plunged into water to keep their shape and arranged to show them off to their best advantage. It has been a delight to paint these floral displays that have been so lovingly grown and arranged.” – Holly Sturges