The Next 90 Years Frauenthal Preservation Campaign

The Next 90 Years Frauenthal Preservation Campaign

For the last 90 years, the Frauenthal Theater has been the cornerstone of downtown Muskegon. The Frauenthal’s impact on the cultural and economic life of Muskegon has been felt from its early cinematic shows, “100% all talking motion pictures,” to today’s community events, graduations, weddings, and performances by the West Michigan Symphony, Muskegon Downtown Live Concert Series, Muskegon Civic Theatre, and more. Today, its impact continues to ripple through a diverse range of arts and entertainment experiences.

A regional asset, the Frauenthal Theater is now approaching 30 years since its renovation and is showing wear from steady use. The Community Foundation has identified more than $5 million in fundamental structural needs, renovation, and preservation that are critical to the theater’s future and use. This needed investment will enhance the experience of patrons and ensure its place in the community for future generations.

You can help ensure that the Frauenthal Theater’s next 90 years continue to inspire, enlighten, and educate our entire community.

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Renovation Progress

Thanks to the support of the Howmet Aerospace Foundation, Consumers Energy Foundation, the Grand Haven Area Community Foundation, and local donors, several improvements have already taken place:

  • New, historically accurate windows not only reflect architect C. Howard Crane’s original intention and design, but they are also double-paned with a UV protective coating to help the facility save on energy costs. In total, we’ve replaced 102 windows throughout the facility.
  • The HVAC system has also been replaced to improve air quality and includes its own hot water boiler, condenser unit, humidification, dehumidification, and filtration systems. The large air handler room, located above the stage area, had the original blower unit from the construction of the theater in 1929.
  • The fire escapes that patrons, artists, and staff use to exit the facility in the event of a fire or emergency have been repaired and reinforced.

Planned improvements include an updated sound and video system, restored marquee, upgraded lighting equipment, replacement of the stage, and heated sidewalks along the perimeter of the facility.

Have questions? A complete list of FAQs can be found here. If you have further questions about preservation at the Frauenthal, write to us at

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Campaign Cabinet Members

Thank you to our Campaign Cabinet for their commitment to the Frauenthal Theater’s future.

Chuck and Vivian Johnson, Honorary Chairpersons
Amy Heisser and Asaline Scott, Campaign Co-Chairpersons
Maria Ladas Hoopes, Frauenthal Center Committee Chair
Jan Deur
John Essex
Roger Morgenstern
Marvin and Connie Nash
Dale and Connie Nesbary
Steve and Deb Olsen
Kay Olthoff
Dr. F. Remington Sprague
John and Mary Swanson
Priscilla and Rick Wilcox
Tom and Jane Witt