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Frauenthal Theater



Loading doors open to alley between 3rd and 4th Streets.
Trucks may load at right angles to doors.
No parking in the alley.
Door width 5’7″
Door height 8′
There is a 2′ ramp down to stage level.
No Forklift.
Also there is a 8’ x 8’ loading door with a ramp down from alley and a single truck dock.


Proscenium opening: 41’6″w, 30’h
Stage depth: Plaster line to upstage wall 29’6” (Usable 29’)
Stage extension/pit cover lip to back wall 41’3”
Stage apron: From apron edge to plaster line 3’10”
From apron of stage to front edge of orch. Pit 7’10”
From plaster line to front edge of orch. Pit 11’8”
Wing space: Stage Right 10’w x 29’d
Stage Left 17’w x 29’d
Wing-to-Wing Crossover located behind upstage wall.
Grid Height: 60ft Pipe, high trim 55’, low trim 4’ off deck


Center Stage: Yellow Pine over air (21 traps)
All other areas: Resilient Yellow Pine
Stage floor currently covered with black Masonite skin


Barton c. 1929 Pipe Organ in excellent condition
Red grand lambrequin curtain, fixed in proscenium arch
Red grand curtain (travel, fly, permanent) 32’h x 54’w
Black house traveler (travel, fly, permanent) 28’h x 54’w
Black legs: 4 sets, 28’h x 15’w each leg
Black borders: 4 – 8’h x 50’w
Black drops – 3 – 28’h x 54’w, w/ split overlap at centers
Black Seamless Scrim (sharkstooth) with pocket 28’h x 40’w
Natural Muslin Cyc Drop (seamless) 25’h x 60’w
Brown Orchestra Scrim 50’h x 28’w


1 – Three-phase 120/208, 400 amps per leg
1 – Three-phase 120/208, 200 amps per leg
1 – single-phase, 200 amps per leg
Located Stage Left: cold water pipe ground & mechanical ground.


Booth located house right rows Q-S
Light Board: ETC Expression III
Dimmers: 212 – 2.4kw
Connectors: 2 P & G, Three Pin Stage Plugs
2  – Lycian Super Arc 1267 Long Throw Followspot

FCPA STAGE LIGHTING INVENTORY (based on availability)
12 – ETC Source Four 410-b Ellipsoidal 575w
66 – ETC Source Four 419-B Ellipsoidal 575w
64 – ETC Source Four 426-B Ellipsoidal 575w
48 – ETC Source Four 436-B Ellipsoidal 575w
36 – ETC Source Four PAR-B 575w w/ variable lenses
36 – Altman PAR64 1kw w/ varying focus lamps
18 – Century 8″ Fresnel 1kw
24 – Century 8″ Fresnel 750w
10 – 6’4″ Zipstrips, 3 circuit
6 – 3 Cell Cyc Lights 1kw


Booth located house right rows O-Q
Yamaha M7CL-48 Board
Center Point Cluster – Mixture of EAW and Community horns and speakers
Main L/R Speakers  – EAW Speaker Cabinets, Bi-Amped
Under balcony delay system
Denon DN-D4500 Dual CD Player
Infrared Systems in place for the hearing impaired

FCPA AUDIO INVENTORY (based on availability)
10 – Shure SM-58 Dynamic Microphones
5 – Shure SM-57 Dynamic Microphone
2 – Samson Small Diaphragm Condensor Microphone
3 – Audio Technica AT853 Choir Microphone
5 – Crown PCC-160 Floor Microphone
2 – Countryman 24″ Gooseneck Microphone
1 – Audix Clip on Drum Microphone
5 – Passive Direct Box
1 – Passive Stereo Direct Box
2 – Active Stereo Direct Box
1 – Shure Digital PGX Wireless Microphone w/ Lavalier or Handheld Microphone
1 – Shure PGX Wireless Microphone w/ Lavalier Microphone
4 – JBL 12″ Monitor Speakers
2 – Gemini 12″ Powered Speakers w/ Speaker Stands
1 – Soundcraft 16x4x2 Sound Board
1 – Mackie 6 Channel Sound Board


1 – Eiki 2200 Lumen Video Projector w/VGA (computer) and RCA (video) connections
Located at balcony rail, controlled from booth
1 – Panasonic DVD Player
1 – Movie Screen: 22’h x 42’w, permanent hung on Lineset #5


4 Capacity of 8 each
Located Stage Right on 4 levels with lavatory, toilet & shower
1 Capacity of 2 with lavatory, toilet & shower (Fully handicapped accessible)
1 Capacity of 2; with lavatory, toilet & shower
Located Upstage Left crossover


Clear-Com System: 12 sets based on availability
Stations located Stage Left and Stage Right, balcony follow spot positions & booths
Stage Manager panel located offstage left or at control booth