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Beardsley Theater



Access to stage is by freight elevator (5’6″w x 6’9″h x 12’1″), down one floor, and through shop and stage doors (6’w x 7’h)
Additionally there is a 8’ X 8’ loading door with a ramp down from alley and a single truck dock.


Proscenium Opening: 29’w, 19’h
Stage Depth: Main drape to up stage wall 22’
Stage Apron: Apron edge to main drape 1’6″
Wing Space: Stage Left 2’w x 22’d (interrupted by curtain)
Wing Space Stage Right 16’w x 22’d (space obstructed by support column)
Crossover behind upstage wall
Orchestra Pit: 4’6″d, 22’w, 10’l


Resilient wood on rubber sleepers


Main Drapes – 2, velour w/fullness, 26’h x 35’w (travel, permanent)
Legs – 1 set, 26’h x 8’w w/fullness
Legs – 2 sets, 26’h x 8’w w/o fullness
1 – full black curtain w/split center


(Use of this system must be approved by Frauenthal management)
Light Board: ECT Insight 2X
Stage Manager panel located on stage
Dimmers: 92 – Kliegl 2.4k
Connectors: 2 P & G, Three Pin Stage Plugs

FCPA STAGE LIGHTING INVENTORY (based on availability)
12 – ETC Source Four 410-b Ellipsoidal 575w
66 – ETC Source Four 419-B Ellipsoidal 575w
64 – ETC Source Four 426-B Ellipsoidal 575w
48 – ETC Source Four 436-B Ellipsoidal 575w
36 – ETC Source Four PAR-B 575w w/ variable lenses
36 – Altman PAR64 1kw w/ varying focus lamps
18 – Century 8″ Fresnel 1kw
24 – Century 8″ Fresnel 750w
10 – 6’4″ Zipstrips, 3 circuit
6 – 3 Cell Cyc Lights 1kw


(Use of this system must be approved by Frauenthal management)
Main L/R Speakers  – 2 E.V. QRx 115/75 Bi-Amplified Speakers
Subwoofers – 2 Klipsch KP-115-SW Subwoofers
Yamaha LS9-32 Digital Mixing Console
American Audio UCD-200MKII Dual CD Player
Hearing Loop and Infrared Systems in place for the hearing impaired

FCPA AUDIO INVENTORY (based on availability)
10 – Shure SM-58 Dynamic Microphones
5 – Shure SM-57 Dynamic Microphone
2 – Samson Small Diaphragm Condensor Microphone
3 – Audio Technica AT853 Choir Microphone
5 – Crown PCC-160 Floor Microphone
2 – Countryman 24″ Gooseneck Microphone
1 – Audix Clip on Drum Microphone
5 – Passive Direct Box
1 – Passive Stereo Direct Box
2 – Active Stereo Direct Box
1 – Shure Digital PGX Wireless Microphone w/ Lavalier or Handheld Microphone
1 – Shure PGX Wireless Microphone w/ Lavalier Microphone
4 – JBL 12″ Monitor Speakers
2 – Gemini 12″ Powered Speakers w/ Speaker Stands
1 – Soundcraft 16x4x2 Sound Board
1 – Mackie 6 Channel Sound Board


1 – 6500 Lumen Video Projector w/VGA (computer) and BNC (video) connections
Projector located in control booth, devices can be connected on-stage or in control booth
1 – Blu-ray player
1 – Motorized projection screen, control located in booth


Basement (stage level) located down corridor stage right
3 dressing rooms with capacity of 15 each
All have sinks, toilets, and showers


Clear-Com System – linking stage, control booth, and spot booth
Page System – linking stage and all ancillary areas
12 Single-muff headsets (based on availability)
1 Sound Handset